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Monday, 18 November 2013

Brow Lift Surgery in Bangalore

The main objective of a brow lift surgery is to heighten the dropping eyelids and get a lined and well shaped brow. Our daily expressions like laugh, smile, cry, squint. The goal of brow lift surgery is to elevate drooping eyelids and a lined brow. Over time, the things that we do every day, like laugh, cry, smile, frown or squint, cause our foreheads to develop furrows, wrinkles and lines. Combined with aging, these expressions create forehead lines that result in a tired, worn look. While brow lift surgery is often the best way to correct this problem, there are alternatives that you should explore before making a final decision on your treatment.

The first step to a brow lift is to consult a good plastic surgeon. At the time of the consultation the surgeon would inquire about the need for your surgery and the outcome that you are expecting out of it.  He will also advise you of any medical conditions or side-effects that can happen during or post the surgery.

Now you can seek the doctors advise on any alternatives for the brow lift surgery which could be more cost effective and cause fewer side-effects. Many doctors would suggest a new procedure called a brow suspension. This alternative is less invasive as compared to a brow lift surgery and the incisions here are smaller and lesser. The only disadvantage of the brow suspension is that it lasts for only one to six years. But you can always go for a repeat of the procedure.

There are many other alternatives other than brow suspension. Look for various other plasic surgery methods like chemical peels, skin resurfacing treatment, botox, collagen implants etc.Ensure that you do a thorough research on these before opting for one. For any detailed information you can check All About Plastic Surgery website online which gives an array of alternative with their pros and cons. There are many books also available that can give you a detailed study on all alternatives.

It is imperative to choose your surgeon carefully before you make up your mind on the surgery. This is the most essential step for any kind of a cosmetic surgery for effective results. Do researches on the brow lift surgery you are opting for. It is not only about the cost it involves but there can be many side-effects like hair loss, brow asymmetry loss of vision.


Layne Adams said...

Hi there! glad to drop by your page and found these very interesting and informative stuff. Thanks for sharing, keep it up!

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smita sharma said...

I've heard a Brow Lift can make your eyes appear wider, but I am talking about making your actual eyes bigger. Thanks!

smita sharma said...

I've heard a Brow Lift can make your eyes appear wider, but I am talking about making your actual eyes bigger. Thanks!

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